Submitting a script for consideration – Spectrum Festival

Here are the guidelines for the Spectrum Festival of Short Plays (currently in early spring).  Please make sure you have read the general guidelines.

  • The play must be in the 10 -15 minutes performance time.
  • Plays may be submitted at any time but to be considered for the next season it must be submitted by midnight on 31st August.  Plays arriving after that date will be considered for the following year.
  • The play must be able to be performed with minimal staging, lighting etc. with a maximum cast of 6

N.B.  To assist our process please make sure your script complies with the following:

  • To ensure anonymity in the review process, you script must NOT include your name or anything that would identify you
  • There should be a separate cast page that includes the characters’ names (and other information)
  • The pages should be numbered

EMAIL us with your script(s) and your address, email, phone number and title of your play in the body of the email.