Submitting a script for consideration – Spectrum Festival

Here are the guidelines for the Spectrum Festival of Short Plays (currently in early spring).  Please make sure you have read the general guidelines.

  • The play must be in the 10 -15 minutes performance time.
  • Plays must be submitted between January 1 & August 31 to be considered for the next year’s season.  Plays arriving outside those dates will be rejected.
  • The play must be able to be performed with minimal staging, lighting etc. with a maximum cast of 5.

N.B.  To assist our process please make sure your script complies with the following:

  • To ensure anonymity in the review process, you script must NOT include your name or anything that would identify you
  • There should be a separate cast page that includes the characters’ names (and other information)
  • The pages should be numbered

EMAIL using this link with your script(s) and your address, email, phone number and title of your play in the body of the email.