We are holding open auditions for our mainstage production that runs from November 26th to December 5th, 2021 at the Kranzberg Black Box. All our productions are new works by playwrights from the Midwest.  This November we are presenting two one-act drama-comedies, directed by Julie George-Carlson.

Fleshtones by Eric Robinson: Set in National City, IL in 1970, tells the story of an African-American family facing the challenges of a changing world.

Playing For Real by Ron Asher: A small theatre company is trying to impress a producer but what is real and what is theater is not so clear.

Audition and character information

September 18th at Olivette Community Center,9723 Grandview Drive, Olivette, MO 63132.

COVID protocols:  All actors must be fully vaccinated. You should wear a mask in the public areas of the Community Center.

10.00-11.15 – Fleshtones

Theresa “Sister” Giddings – This role is cast.

Albert “Brother” Giddings – Married to Theresa “Sister” – Middle Aged African American Man, Authentic East St. Louis Accent

Hollis “Baby Girl” Giddings – daughter of Theresa and Albert, early/mid-Twenties African American Woman, Educated, but easily slips into East St. Louis Accent when called for

11.30 – 2.00 Playing For Real

Bernie/Peter – A male actor – middle aged

Danny/Jerry – A male actor – 20s – early 30s

Joan/Martha – A female actor – middle aged

Deborah/Honey- A female Actor – 20s

Nicole Michaels – The Director – Seasoned

Mississippi Wells – A Playwright – any age

“Sammy” Needalender – the deep pocket financier, likely male

Intruder – a stock bad “guy” who can’t deal with stress

Real Producer – a deus ex machina character male or female

We are looking for a diverse cast for this play.

If you are unable to attend at these times, you may submit a resume and headshot to If we are interested in seeing you, we will contact you directly. However, we do hope to cast from the open auditions.

Any questions contact us at

What to bring

  1. 2 copies of resume and headshot
  2. Completed audition form (below)



Playing for Real:

Side A: Bernie, Joan, Intruder, Danny, Mississippi, Nicole, Deborah & Needalender

Side B: Peter

Side C: Deborah, Nicole, Mississippi, Needalender, Joan & Bernie