Past Seasons

Sixteenth Season 2019-2020

One Acts: July 2019 directed by David Houghton

Screaming at Optimum Pitch
David Hawley
Peg Flach

Spectrum 2020: Jan 2020 directed by Darrious Varner

The Relative Exchange
Delivery Man
The Polar Bear Gambit
Mail Order Anya
And One More Thing
Saving the Hewletts
Of Poisoned Pens & Palates
Greg Bailey
Paul Bowman
Mark Rigney
Doug Larche
Brian Cern
Lonnie McGuire
Faye Sholiton
Judith Glass Collins

Fifteenth Season 2017-2018

Dreaming in Black and White by Ron Osborne: July 2017 directed by Phil Gill

Spectrum 2017: Nov 2017 directed by Patrice Foster & Nikki Lott

A Pride of Dummies
Cooter Holland Rides a Tractor
Placebo Effect
Wake-Up Call
Joe Wegescheide
Tim Naegelin
Tom Moore
Samantha L. Shanker
David Hawley
Zachary Michael Jack

Skeletons in the Closet: Jan 2018 directed by Nikki Lott & Justin D. Wright

Swept Away
Birds Nest
David Hawley
Daniel Washelesky

Fourteenth Season 2016-2017

Trick and Anotonia by Jenn Ciavarella: July 2016 directed by Landon Shaw

Spectrum 2016: Nov 2016 directed by Lyndsay Somers Hicks & Sean Michael

Placebo Effect
The Technicians
Most Real
A Pride of Dummies
And They All Lived Happily Ever After
Fear of Mediocrity
David Hawley
David Hawley
Robert Stevenson
Colin Percival McLaughlin
Joe Wegescheide
Joe Wegescheide
Dan Viggers
Nathan R. Hinds

Prometheus’ Dream by Caleb King: Jan 2017 directed by Kathryn Bently

Thirteenth Season 2015-2016

The Bones of Malcolm MacDuff by David Hawley: July 2015 directed by Shahnaz Ahmed

Spectrum 2015: Nov 2015 directed by Simon Kaplan & Karen Pierce

Best Friends Forever
American Dolls
The Patty Duke Question
The Breeders
Hamburger Clown, The
The Problem with Pamela
Steve Callahan
Rita Winters
Greg Bailey
David Hawley
Larry D. Quiggins
David Hawley
Gerry Mandel
Dan McGee

The Other Side by David Hawley: Jan 2016 directed by Phil Gill

Twelfth Season 2014-2015

Scutter Murphy’s Wake by Patrick Conroy: July 2014 directed by Don Krull

Spectrum 2014: Nov 2014 directed by Shahnaz Ahmed & Krystal Stevenson

The Jungfrau
No Other Gods Before Me (Chemosh)
Night of the Armadillo
Miss Nancy’s Playhouse
The Adventures of BunnyMan
David Hawley
Richard Newman
Richard Newman
Jason Slavik
Mario Farwell
Mario Farwell

Stereo Heart by Mario Farwell: Jan 2015 directed by Judy Yordan

Eleventh Season 2013-2014

Murphy’s Law by Kenneth L. Stilson: June 2013 directed by Judy Yordan

Spectrum 2013: Nov 2013 directed by Shahnaz Ahmed, Brad Slavik, Jim Meady & John Austin

On Ice
A Second Serving of Salt
Restaurant Encounter
The Black Hole Boxer
Carol Kline
John Clark
David Hawley
Jim Greer
Silvia Dadian-Smith
Nick Kloppenberg

Whatever Remains by Jason Slavik: Jan 2014 directed by Robert Beck

Tenth Season 2012-2013

Icarus Wings by Mario Farwell: A staged reading in Mar 2012 directed by Phillip Allen Coan

Brooklyn Bagatelle by Neville Mur : June 2012 directed by Jim Meady

Spectrum 2012: Oct 2012 directed by Phillip Allen Coan

Act of Mercy
The Climb to Understanding
Counter Intelligence
Watching, Waiting, Wanting
Seven Pages of Aliens in a Corn Field
Taylor Gruenloh
James McLindon
Jason Slavik
Joel Henning Doty
David Hawley
Jim Greer
Mario Farwell
Joshua Thomas

An Evening of Predicaments: Jan 2013 directed by Donna Nelson & Robert Beck

Open Sundays, All Makes Repaired
Gerry Mandel
Patrick Conroy

Ninth Season 2011-2012

Behind The Chair by Jason Slavik: June 2011 directed by Vanessa Roman

The Sudden Glide by David Crespy : A staged reading in July 2011 directed by David Cresby

Spectrum 2011: Oct 2011 directed by Phillip Allen Coan & Bill Stine

58 & 59
Family Album
Lost or Found
Woman on My Mind
The Body Exchange
Naughty Boy Naughty Girl You Make My World Unfurl
Lessons from the Family
The Buffalo
Matt Fotis
Cody Tucker
Joel M. Litman
Jim Greer
Mario Farwell
Mario Farwell
Joel Henning Doty
Steven Clark

An Evening of Mysteries: Jan 2012 directed by Judy Yordan & Jim Meady

The Kerpash Affair
Divine’s Grace
Richard A. La Violette
Richard A. La Violette

Eighth Season 2010-2011

The Healing of Joey Padowaski by Mario Farwell: June 2010 directed by Vanessa Roman

Rebecca And … by David N. Stein: July 2010 directed by Judy Yordan

Let There Be Thistles by Joshua Thomas: Aug 2010 directed by Joshua Thomas

Spectrum 2010: Oct 2010 directed by Delyth Wells & Beth Ashby

Report to the Major
The Elopement
Monks and Bunnies
10-Minute Antigone
Potato District
Blue Moon
Teething Pains
The Music of the Goddess
Neville Mur
Thelma Urich
Joshua Thomas & Jarad Houseman
Stephen Dierkes
Valleri Dillard
Valleri Dillard
Jo A. Hiestand
Joshua Cook

An Evening of One Acts: Jan 2011 directed by Anna Blair

Don’t Stop Believing
A Moment of Grace
Courtney Kennedy
Bill Borst

Seventh Season 2009-2010

The Playing Ground by John Wolbers: May 2009 directed by Suki Peters

Spectrum 2009: June 2009 directed by Michael P. Fitzgerald, Jim Meady, Brad Slavik & Jason Slavik

Stone Cold
The Almond Checkmate
The Forgiveness Tree
The Cucifixion of Moe and Ira
Coffee Date #4
Slop Bucket
Death Blow
Pecan Surprise
Jim Greer
Bill Hopkins
Kathleen Tomko
Lynn-Steven Johanson
Stephen Peirick
David Patterson
Brian Carland
Jan Meyer

You Know I Can’t Eat Buffalo Meat When There’s a Terrorist on the Loose by Mario Farwell: July 2009 directed by Judy Yordan

The Last Memory of an Ol’ Brownie Fan by Bill Borst: Sep 2009 directed by Jim Meady

And it shall be forgiven… by Jason Slavik: Jan 2010 directed by Robert Beck

Sixth Season 2008-2009

Two One Acts: April 2008, directed by Marc Macormic & Vanessa Roman

Audition Piece
The Hookup
Gerry Mandel
Joel M. Litman

Spectrum 2008: June 2008 directed by Judy Yordan & Robert Beck

In No One We Trust
Chasing The Warriors
What If…
Advising the Afterlife
Action and Reaction
Victory by Stealth
The Waters Edge
The Bench
David Solomon
Susan Berardi
Thelma Urich
Caitlin McCann
Joel Henning Doty
Susan Berardi
Lou W. Robinson
Lou W. Robinson

Death by Fiat by Richard A. La Violette: July 2008 directed by Vanessa Roman

Men Dancing by David Crespy: Sep 2008 a stage reading directed by David Cresby

Late Afternoon by John F. Williams: Jan 2009 directed by Patty Ulrich

Fifth Season 2007-2008

Two One Acts: April 2007, directed by John Foughty

John F. Williams
Mario Farwell

Spectrum 2007: June 2007 directed by Larry Schmidt, Terree Rowbottom, Anna Blair, Brad Slavik, and Jim Meady

Bar Mitzvah Blues
Harpers Elevator
I Was Mary Cheney’s Lover
Service With A Smile
Don’t Hate Me ‘Cause I’m Beautiful
Of Priest’s and Soldiers
Second Wind
Trailer Park Blues
The Bookless Club
Rebecca’s Parents
Determined Not Desperate
The Third Day
Neville Mur
Neville Mur
Ruth Marner
Mario Farwell
Mario Farwell
Mario Farwell
Richard T. Young
Richard T. Young
Joel M. Litman
Rick G. Trumble
Valery Lenaye
Michael Sertich
Diane M. Auth
Thelma Urich
Joan Lipkin

The Seamstress of St. Francis Street by Mario Farwell: August 2007 directed by Jim Meady

Room at the Inn by Steve Pokin: Jan 2008 directed by Phillip Bozich

Fourth Season 2006

Yo Yo Kids by Don Weiss: May 2006 directed by Betsy Jones
The Jewish Dating Cycle by David Crespy: June 2006 a stage reading directed by Anna Blair
Picture Perfect by DJ Sanders: August 2006 directed by Russel Bettlach

Third Season 2005-6

Two One Acts: May 2005, directed by Chris Gibson

The Checkpoint
Jerry Rabushka
Wayne Crome

Family Fugue by Don Weiss: June 2005 directed by Anna Blair.

Saint Francis and the Sultan by George Hickenlooper Sr.: January 2006 directed by Jim Meady

Second Season 2004-5

Capacity by John F. Williams: June 2004 directed by Tyler Duenow
Ain’t Got Time to Die by Gregory S. Carr: August 2004 directed by Don Weiss
The Last Days of Café Café by Mario Farwell: January 2005 directed by Anna Blair

First Season 2003-4

Inaugural Show: October 2003, directed by Don Weiss

Combination Curious
Section 335
The Fifty Dollar Proposition
Josh Arnold
Mike Kaiman
Vanessa Revard-Roman

The Shattering (Ruby’s Story) by Ron Osborne: March 2004 directed by Don Weiss